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Cavi-Lipo Ultrasound Cavitation has been the brand and the treatment clients ask for by name.
We are the sole supplier of the real and original Cavi-Lipo brand in the USA. Don't be fooled  by
Cheap knocks with similar names.   At CavilipoUSA and JM Group we have  helped hundreds of spas, salons and medical 
professionals bring this amazing technology to their customers while at the same time improving their revenue and growth.   
At Cavi-Lipo USA  we continue to make it our goal to bring our clients unique quality products that  keep them ahead of thier compitition.
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If you found this page you probably already heard about this amazing technology or maybe had a treatment or one of your competitors is offering Cavi treatments.  This is the real and original Cavi-Lipo Brand that has taken the world by storm transforming not only bodies but also the businesses that offer this remarkable treatment.  This has been considered the number one body sculpting treatment in Europe.  After all it is about results and by simply googling  Cavi-lipo you will find countless photos and videos from spas and medical practices throughout the world utilizing this amazing technology.  Don't be fooled by the cheap knock off units that throw in the kitchen sink with things like Radio frequency and other modalities to try and produce the remarkable results Cavi-lipo Ultrasound delivers. Radio frequency has completely different characteristics and contraindications with very severe consequences if used improperly compared to Ultrasound. Consider that very powerful Ultrasound down in Megahertz is used safely to image a fetus.  

Cavi-lipo at 25 Khz operates at a strength that is both safe and efficacious the lower the number the stronger the penetration. Many cheap knock off units operate at from 28 to 40 Khz barely powerful enough to penetrate significantly down into the adipose to allow for results.  Sadley because of the poor success rate of these knock off's calling themselves Cavi-lipo some customers believe Cavi-lipo doesn't work simply because they have never actually had a real Cavi-lipo treatment. It's very important your customers know the difference and why.  Cavi operates at the  appropriate  frequency and when combined with healthy nutrition incredible results can be achieved.  

Today we are Introducing the Cavi- GT  and soon the LIPO-SEM.  Like the World Famous Original Cavi-lipo the  

Cavi-lipo GT offers a New and Improved Modern Design with built in Light Therapy transducer and touch sensitive keys. The results and feedback from our clients have been outstanding.  Remember, Cavi is the treatment clients ask for by name and has become the focal point and profit center for  many of our customers.  Its not unusual for our clients to start with one unit and end up with several just to keep up with the demand for appointments.  One Spa in Manhattan has seven Cavi-lipo units going full time another changed the name of her spa to the "Cavi Spa" after Cavi became the focal point of her business. 

We offer full training and support and we can share with you all the proper protocols and techniques to insure positive outcomes and results for your clients.   Cavi-lipo has the history and track record and is extremely affordable to insure profitability.  Relaxing, Exciting and Fun are some of the words clients use to describe their Cavi Treatments.  If you are looking to add something new and exciting to your business Cavi GT is an extremely cost a effective device that can add a tremendous increase in revenue to your business while helping clients look and feel wonderful.   For most the ROI (return on investment)  has been  just weeks and with summer coming  this is the time of year customers come looking for Cavi treatments for that perfect summer body!    If you have it they will come!  If you want to offer the Ultimate in Ultrasound Cavitation there is only one choice with such a  proven track record of success.   Call today for pricing and show specials. 

Some of our best customers have been Chiropractors incorporating diet and exercise along with health coaching and supplements.  Laser centers, Estheticians, Electrolysis techs, Nurses, Doctors specializing in weight management, Massage therapists, Holistic wellness centers, Nutritionists and many many others who all see the natural health benefits Cavi offers, it has been the perfect fit.  What are you waiting for? 

We offer on site training combined with our vast experience and marketing support to ensure your success.  

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