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J M Group is the offical distributor of the original Cavi-Lipo brand in the USA.  
At Cavi-lipoUSA and JM Group we have we helped hundreds of spas, salons and medical professionals 
bring this amazing technology to their clients.  Please look through all our pages as we offer many of 
todays most popular products at prices that will keep you competitive and profitable.  
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Lipossem Two trandsducer unit
Photo of Cavi-lipo GT
Meditime Cavitation unit
Meditime Cavitation Unit two
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Lipossem control panel

As a Leader in this technology we offer our customers the most comprehensive protocols and training to ensure positive outcomes for every client.  With hundreds of industry professionals sharing their experience and best practices we have perfected the process.  As with any aesthetics equipment often the device is only as good as the person performing the treatments. We will ensure that you are fully trained and certified before you treat your first client.  Why is Cavi-lipo Brand the leader in this technology? With Ultrasound it's all about the Frequency the lower the frequency the deeper the penetration.  For Example 100 Khz equals 100,000 pulses or waves per second, very fast wavelength but so fast it becomes very shallow and far too weak to even pass through your first layer of skin, take 50 Khz that would go deeper but still not nearly deep enough.  Cavi-lipo operates at 25 Khz just the right frequency proven to reach an effective depth.  If we go even lower this would bring us down to Megahertz the frequency used for prenatal imaging. The majority of units on the market run at 40 Khz or higher and require much longer treatment times and may not have any effect at all.   There are countless happy business owners that can attest to the fact that Cavi-lipo really works and thousand of happy clients showing off their results to friends and family most continue to stay with Cavi by purchasing multiple packages for treatments on other areas of their bodies.  Be sure you are giving you and your clients the best possible outcomes by offering them the real Cavi-lipo the professionals choice! Also ask about package pricing along with our other body treatment products like the Fit Light and Lipo belt systems all complementing and improving the overall experience.