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Cavi-Lipo Brand Ultrasound  has been the professionals choice when it comes to cavitation treatments
and the  treatment clients ask for by name.  J M Group is only
 and the original Cavi-Lipo brand
distributor in the USA.
  At CavilipoUSA and JM Group we have  helped hundreds of spas, salons and medical
professionals  bring this amazing technology to their customers.  Please look through all our pages we offer
many of todays most popular products and treatments at prices that will keep you competitive and profitable. 
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As a Leader in this technology we offer our customers the most comprehensive protocols and training to assure positive outcomes for every client.  With hundreds of industry professionals sharing their experience and best practices we have perfected the process.  As with any aesthetics device often the device is only as good as the person performing the treatments. We will assure that you are fully trained and certified before you treat your first client.  Why is Cavi-lipo Brand the leader in this technology?  With Ultrasound it's all about the Frequency the lower the frequency the deeper the penetration.  For Example 100 Khz is equals 100,000 pulses per second, very fast pulses but far too weak to even pass through even your first layer of skin, 50 Khz would go a deeper but still not nearly deep enough.  Cavi-lipo operates at 25 Khz just the right frequency to reach your adipose cells but not too deep to affect near by organs or tissue.  Even lower would bring us down to Megahertz the frequency used for prenatal imaging.  The majority of units on the market run at 40 Khz or higher and require much longer treatment times and may not show any effect at all.   Be sure you are giving you and your clients the best possible outcomes Cavi-lipo is the professional choice!  Also ask about package pricing along with our other body treatment products like the Fit Light and Lipo belt systems all complementing and improving the overall experience. 


Cavi-Lipo uses an Ultrasonic Body Shaping technology. Ultrasonic technologies, like our Cavi-Lipo GT, are very safe, efficacious, completely painless, no downtime, and non-evasive for the reduction of the appearance of cellulite, promote skin tightening, and the reduction of triglyceride levels in your body by a deep tissue massage procedure with the equipment’s vibrating hand piece.

Ultrasound Body Shaping technology has been shown to be effective by the New England Journal (And also by many other medical sources) that it is the very safe and efficacious way to reduce the triglyceride levels in your body, and to reduce the appearance of cellulite permanently.

The Lipossem (FDA registered) is the only Ultrasound Body Shaping technology that can be used on the client’s face, chin, and neck area, without the discomfort of the buzzing of the hand piece. We removed all buzzing and vibrating noise from our special patented hand piece, hence making the face, chin, and neck treatment possible.

We also have units that incorporate LED Light Therapy function to the hand piece, so while the equipment is being used for a treatment, the client is also receiving a LED Light Therapy to promote skin tightening (Red light), and lymphatic drainage / rejuvenation (Yellow light).

Most clients will see immediate results on their first treatment. However, everyone’s body type is different so the results will vary in terms of circumference reduction.

The Science Behind Ultrasound Body Shaping Technology is the  vibration of the hand piece that creates tiny air molecules within your fat cell. These air molecules are negative in pressure, so by natural process they escape the fat cell, creating many holes on the fat cell wall without destroying your fat cell. Then with the vibration of the hand piece, the triglyceride is released into your lymphatic channel for your body to naturally metabolize it either into energy or waste. The total process takes approximately between 3 to 5 sessions.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Cavi-Lipo GT is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

The Video below is a wonderful example of the Cavi-lipo  experience our customers our having and exactly what you could be offering your clients.  For many you can be the first in your area to offer this fabulous treatment!  Now is the time, people want this treatment and if you have it they will come!

We offer three professional models to meet your clients needs and to meet your budget click on the photos below. 

For those that are comfortable using Radio Frequency this is a combination unit offering Cavitation and  RF at a very affordable price. call for pricing.